Sunday, 16 March 2014

LP's LPs update March 16, 2014

Last week I went on a record buying trip to this frozen world wonder place, parked on the not so frozen arcade street of horrors, Clifton ave, and ran down to the sights with my Samsung DV150F. I had just enough time to point & shoot some frozen
time-scapes before the parking metre ran out. That was fun.

But then the fun stuff was unearthing the most amazing collection of  '77 - '83 punk records, new wave, minimal synth & post-punk records, 60's soul & funk records, and a nice bit of super rare early punk 45's from the place formerly known as Canada. Also some early American hardcore 7"s. About fifteen hundred 45's in total.

Here are just a few samples:

 Gene Willis & The Aggregation

Titus Turner

 Billy Mure & The Seven Karats

The Intensions

Most of these belonged to a serious collector and are in very nice condition, promos, original sleeves, first issues, many not available on the net.

Potato Salad !!

Friday, Saturday And Sunday.



Some Punk, Goth, Glam, Synth:



Turtle Dove

Glam Rarity from 1974

Rapid Dance

Ultra rare post punk from Glasgow


Fans of Felt, Josef K, Orange Juice, Smiths...

Check it out

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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Processor LP now available

 PROCESSOR new full length LP is now available.
 Brand new release on PAPER + SOUND music Toronto.

An eastern Canada tour is booked for April, see the link below for dates and information.
New SOLVENT double album NEW WAYS on Suction records. The soundtrack for the modular synthesizer documentary I DREAM OF WIRES.

Features nice gatefold sleeve and slick design by Heiki Silaste of les Fontaines and Paper+Sound.

Les Fontaines



All these new titles can be found at LP's LPs 104 Ossington

Friday, 28 February 2014

LP's LPs update Feb 28/2014

Brand new releases from PRETTY PRETTY RECORDS arrived today :

Yacht Club - Flash 12"


Tarantula X - EP

More local indie titles arrived lately include:

Bent Wind - Sussex LP
Thor's Hammer - Icelandic punk & beat '65-67

B17 - Wishing Won't Make It So LP
Action Makes LP
Your 33 Black Angels - Songs From The Near Bleak Future

Find more indie titles from Pleasence Records, Suction Records, Paper+Sound, Electric Voice...


Soup Cans - Parasite brain 7"

Young Mother - Future Classics LP

Holy Cobras LP

Teenanger LP

Great stuff from MINIMAL WAVE & CITITRAX:

Sympathy Nervous - Plastic Love
Sylvi Foster - If Are You  EP
The KVB - Immaterial Visions LP
Philippe Laurent - Hot Bip LP
In Aeternam Vale - Dust Under Brightness 12"
Blancmange - iRENE & MAVIS EP
And many more...

As always many great used and vintage records arrive every week:

From V.O.D. Germany, hard to find out of print   double LP re-issue of Experimental Product's 1982-85.

 A massive collection of vintage 90's Drum & Bass Classics, including Jungle and Hip Hop 12"s and LPs.

IKO'83 Digital Delight 12"

Elli & Jacno - Tout Vas Sauter, Original LP from 1980, France on Vogue label.

A nice collection of 1979 - 83 post punk and U.K. 45's, and rare minimal synth, goth, new wave... etc.

Brilliant reissues of rare Space Disco from Germay include Josepp Llobell, Sergio Ferraresi, Blush, Schaltkreis Wassermann, Michael Bundt & many more.

Coming soon - PROCESSOR full length LP is due any day now, as is LES FONTAINES Canaanda remix Cassette on PAPER+SOUND, Toronto.

Visit LP's LPs 104 Ossington Ave. Toronto, Canada.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Lorenz Peter: LP's LPs Update Jan 16 2014

Lorenz Peter: LP's LPs Update Jan 16 2014: Lot's of rare & vintage psychedelic just arrived. Most albums are originals and in fine fine condition. Also plenty of Bowie, Kra...

Lorenz Peter: LP's LPs update Jan 17/14

Lorenz Peter: LP's LPs update Jan 17/14:  Brand New Shipment from Germany. Re-issued space disco gems from the 70's. All limited editions: Josep Llobell, double LP. ...

LP's LPs update Jan 17/14

 Brand New Shipment from Germany.

Re-issued space disco gems from the 70's. All limited editions:

Josep Llobell, double LP.

 Sergio Ferraresi LP

Space fantasy disco at its finest. Instrumental synth and psych drenched bliss.

Brand new repress limited to 300 copies.
Space disco 1978.

 More German noise...

Sprung Aus Den Wolken
Original LP 1982
Out of print, highly collectable compilation from Germany. 2nd edition.

2 LPs + 7" set by Experimental Products. 1982-85

Thursday, 16 January 2014

LP's LPs Update Jan 16 2014

Lot's of rare & vintage psychedelic just arrived. Most albums are originals and in fine fine condition. Also plenty of Bowie, Kraftwerk, Floyd and all the good stuff for everyone.

Organ Grinders - Out of the Egg LP. Organ driven psych rock from 1970.

WARHORSE, super rare LP from 1971 on Vertigo. Heavy blues psyche.

COVEN, Witchcraft Destroys Minds & reaps Souls LP. Satanic psych rock from 1969. This one is in Near Mint condition!! Rare find.

MESSAGE, The Dawn Anew Is Comin' - Very rare Krautrock LP from 1972. Beautiful gatefold glossy cover. Original German copy.

More Krautrock from EROC, 1975 Electronic  LP. Amazing condition on original green BRAIN label.

Eyes Of Blue, In The Fields Of Ardath LP

Black Widow, Dust, King Crimson, FAT, Goblin, Secret Sides, Wizard, John Mills Cockell, SILK, Edison Electric, klaus Schulze, Syd Barrett, HP Lovecraft....
 I am expecting a lot of new stock in the next two weeks. I don't sell online, the only way is to visit the shop. Plenty of new stock, Cosmic Disco, Minimal Synth, Krautrock, 80's goth - New & vintage.

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