Friday, 14 December 2012

The Butler Did It, The Best in Toronto

In 2007 I walked into a new world... I was not ready for the world of catering and what it had in store for me. During those five years I worked with some of the best hardest working and talented people I'll ever meet. There were harrowing times when it seemed like we defied the impossible, to bring our guests their mini-burgers, and we did. Every time. I worked in massive tents, on islands, museums, synagogues, galleries, swamps, forests, zoos... etc. I served Patti Smith a ginger tea, I served Mini-Me an extra slice of cheese cake. The list goes on. I survived storms of insects, tornadoes, floods, bomb threats, and 13 hour shifts picking up napkins and cups. The Butler Did it is one of the hardest working and incredible agencies in the city. Some people argue that it is nothing more than slave labor, but I feel I am forever grateful for the experience, and allowing me a freedom that other jobs could never offer. I am moving on and committed to my new endeavor with LP's record store, but it is not the last I will see of TBDI, They got me on stand by! Meanwhile they remain 100% supportive of my own pursuits! Thankyou James, Michael, John, and so many others for all the memories and fun.
Check back soon if you want to see a picure of these shoes nailed to a tree.
The Blackest Bistro.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

LP's LPs Record store is open!

The new Ceramic Hello reissue from Suction records is available here, as well as brand new German imports of Bizzare Unit, Mark Lane, Lucas Trouble, the Tara Cross box set, & the new 8LP box set from Conrad Schnitzler. These titles are not yet available anywhere else in Toronto. I also carry new graphic novels from Conundrum Press. Artists like Temple Bates, Maryanna Hardy & Dave Lapp. Drop by and find plenty of interesting records, I specialize in electronic, minimal, synth, and hard to find classics. LP's LPs 104 Ossington. 12 - 10pm Tuesday to Sunday.

Friday, 30 November 2012

Sunday, 11 November 2012

LP's LPs New Record Store in Toronto

LP's is moving to 104 Ossington, starting in December we will be open 6 days a week Tuesday to Sunday. LP's is not your average collection, I specialize in electronic, indie, left field, psychedelic, prog, minimal, & experimental records. All other musical styles too. We'll also have comics, graphic novels, unique crafts and vintage finds.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Recent buying trips to Montreal and around Ontario have brought in tons of new stuff! Most of which are available at my weekend store at 444 Dufferin. Saturdays 12 -6pm.
Amazing EP from Toronto, 1984. Space rock from planet 9... Features Astrid Young & "multi Keyboards" by Shia Faust!
Droning electronics and pulsing rhythms, this appears to be the only release by this artist from New York, 1980.
Blame it on Disco!
J.P. Massiera's Visitors, 1980 on Canadian Montage label.
Ralph Lundten's electronic masterpiece from Sweden, 1975.
Douglas Bregger Crystal Arcade, limited edition of 500 copies, collected 4-track recordings of minimal electronics mainly played on Realistic Moog synth and Casio between 1984 - 88. Atmospheric loner electro! "This is NOT garage recordings... it is Basement!"
This comp includes almost an entire side by Instant Automatons! Check them out here
Dark atmospheric electronics by Echo & the Bunnymen's guitarist Will Sergeant. Released in 1982.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Bay of Creatures bassist Melissa J & Lorenz have begun playing and recording together as Processor. Our first live show is pictured here with full attendance at the Queen West Art Crawl in September. Our next show is scheduled for October 27th at the Ghost Hole Halloween event on Toronto island. More info soon.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Blue Acrylic series 2012

These paintings were all completed between April 2011 & Jan 2012. Acrylic on Masonite board, 16 x 20. They sell for 500- ea.

LP's Saturday record sales

Every Saturday I am holding a sale on collectible and rare vinyl. Alot of vintage electronic, space disco, goth, & synth pop. New stuff added weekly. Come and visit me at my studio, 444 Dufferin St. #3 12 -6pm every Saturday! To find it look for flyers in the area.
I am also buying used records, so bring any undamaged records you'd like to sell! Mainly psyche/prog/new wave/80's/punk etc...

Saturday, 4 August 2012

New Comics

ZINE DREAM this August 12th! Always a good excuse to put together a new book.
This is a 32 page black & white book with several short stories and excerpts. Here is a preview of a story entitled The Dash Board Drummer.
These books are mainly available through me or at Zinedream. If you'd like a copy it is $5, I can send it to you.