Sunday, 29 January 2012


3 albums I picked up while in Quebec city this past week! I am excited to listen to them but instead I'll just post these images and wait until I get home to my turntable.
Blue Sound lp from 1983, La Chambre Nuptiale by Michel Madore, and Temps by Darras & Desumeur are pictured above. Other treasures of my searches are: Men without Hats original self released 10" record form 1980, Images in Vogue Educated Man first album from 1982, Shoc Corridor A Blind Sign EP 1982, Space Art Onyx, Moebius 1979 self titled LP, Paris France Transit LP 1982, Peter Baumann romance 76, and many more!! I adore l'Quebec, la radio is bon too.
I would have posted more images of art from my Blue Sci-Fi Paintings, but I had camera troubles and never got to do it in time. Oh well, I will post later. I am in Quebec to finish my long long over due comic book, yet untitled even! Almost done, only 13 pages to go of 200!! I will post something from that too when I get to it. Along with a description.