Saturday, 11 February 2012


Les Fontaines

Mr. H. Sillaste has been tweaking the knobs for a while and experimenting with thoughts outside of the knobs. Mr. L. Peter has also applied his knowledge of “electronic” instrumentation to many projects as the self described “soundscape engineer”. pressing keys and applying patterns to mr. h sillastes’s rhythm arrangements is the next step in a manificently precise plan. Toronto’s Les Fontaines release their debut 7″ single on the paper+sound record label. Wrapped in a fanciful sleeve, the single has been released in a limited edition of 200 copies. Once they’re gone…they’re gone! Les Fontaines will be releasing their debut album “Magic Touch” on paper+sound, in Summer 2012.
check out Les Fontaines Burn the Mattress is the debut single available here for download or we can order the 7" on the Paperplusound website. Mastering for the new full length album is almost complete. Should be available by summertime!

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