Friday, 16 March 2012


DJ LP @ the Georgia Dickie art opening, here is the link!

I will be playing alot of early Canadian disco, synth & goth such as this amazing GLAMATRON EP from Toronto 1980. Come early!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Conrad Schnitzler

He passed away last August. Here is a nice article about him. I first discovered CON in 2008, after knee surgery.
I was immobilized for weeks... unable to do much. I took my prescribed Oxycontin & listened to the unbelievable sounds of the colour series by CON from the 70's - 80's. It's like he was the doctor, and had the right soundtrack for that occasion...


A CORPUSSE show booked for Hamilton this weekend was cancelled. The monthly show put on by 705sound features experimental artists, and takes place in a church. The church group decided at the last moment not to have Corpusse perform there because they assumed we are linked to the devil. That's ok, because we may play with Damo Suzuki in the WITCH HAMMER later in the spring...

Monday, 5 March 2012

Corpusse, Les Fontaines, Bay of Creatures

Spent the day with Corpusse at Harlow Sound in Toronto, recorded 4 new tracks for our upcoming full length LP on Hammer City Records. I brought along an Atari 2600 with Synthcart, a Korg vocorder & a Korg Super Section drum machine to do the job. We ate veg thali from Rajdhani at Albion & Islington beforehand, as necessary.

Les Fontaines
Yesterday I spent the evening with Heiki Sillaste, we had potato vodka and talked about Lego, but mostly we put together the art for the new Les Fontaines full length album Magic touch. This maybe a "divorce" album, but mostly a "record geeks on beaucoup much french boisson and disco" album.

This album was recorded almost exclusively at a cabin in the woods near Owen Sound where we would also exclusively shop at Randy's Records

Bay of Creatures have also finished a 7 song album to be released this spring 2012, recorded mainly in Williamsburg New York City with Nik Marcillio producing. B.O.C. are Lorenz peter & Jay Isaac, this will be our 3rd album but 1st on vinyl! Album art is currently being created, and looks like the LP might emerge from Europe as opposed to The Great White North.

Despite poodles and amazing sandwiches trying to deter us, we produced 5 songs on the spot, the other two were recorded here at HQ.
release dates and other info to follow...