Sunday, 6 May 2012

Panorama Electronique

Attended Flipside record sale today at Gladstone Hotel. Some of the records I found are: Soft Verdict - for Amusement Only, click here for a sample... this album was made in 1980, using pinball machines to create minimal electronic soundscapes. Best minimal electronic album to add to my collection since Einzelganger. Also extremely rare & valuable since there are no copies anywhere on the www.
My scanner is down so images rely on whats available on the www. Other cool stuff I found is Group W, Die Form, The Droids - Starpeace, Norma Beecroft & Panorama electronique on Limelight records 1960's.
I also sold alot of great titles including: Goblin - Suspiria soundtrack on Attic records, George Harrison - Electronic Sounds on Zapple records, Tim Blake - Crystal Machine, Digital Emotion, Kraftwerk, Iggy Pop...etc
Plenty of chances to pick up great records when I open up LP's LPs on 444 Dufferin, vist me there at #3 upstairs. Saturdays between 12 - 6. Up & running starting this Saturday may 12th.

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