Thursday, 28 June 2012


Found this Dan Morehouse record today, minimal synthesizer drones for 20 minutes per side! Tracks are Curve of life & Halcyon. I had no idea what this was when I paid $3 for it... turns out to be quite rare and there is only one for sale on the net. How exciting! Soon I will learn how to include sound bites on this blog so I can share this stuff. I couldn't find any info on this record or artist anywhere. It is from 1978 and performed on an Arp 2600 + other synths and tapes. On SPACEOLA records. The music on this record is based on the Fibonacci sequence, so it spirals out and sounds amazing.
Here is a drawing of Dan Morehouse, the first in a new series of portraits of my favorite electronic composers.
While I am at it I will also include another synth record that found it's way into my permanent collection, another very rare album... Electronic Hymns by Chuck Clements. It is just that, religious songs performed on synth. Also very drone like and minimal. Church in space. Instrumental throughout. Again, next to no info on this guy, there is one cassette version floating around on ebay, and one LP for 93(!)dollars on Airpower. The version of amazing grace is pure cosmic bliss. HORIZON records 1977.
Here is another gem from Quebec... "madame Minou" tells us about our horoscopes in french to a swirling electronic sounscape by Ian Cooney, hypnotic and cosmic. SAISONS records Canada.There is no year printed on it, looks like late 70's early 80's. Here is a link to Minou giving predictions, did it come true?

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