Friday, 14 December 2012

The Butler Did It, The Best in Toronto

In 2007 I walked into a new world... I was not ready for the world of catering and what it had in store for me. During those five years I worked with some of the best hardest working and talented people I'll ever meet. There were harrowing times when it seemed like we defied the impossible, to bring our guests their mini-burgers, and we did. Every time. I worked in massive tents, on islands, museums, synagogues, galleries, swamps, forests, zoos... etc. I served Patti Smith a ginger tea, I served Mini-Me an extra slice of cheese cake. The list goes on. I survived storms of insects, tornadoes, floods, bomb threats, and 13 hour shifts picking up napkins and cups. The Butler Did it is one of the hardest working and incredible agencies in the city. Some people argue that it is nothing more than slave labor, but I feel I am forever grateful for the experience, and allowing me a freedom that other jobs could never offer. I am moving on and committed to my new endeavor with LP's record store, but it is not the last I will see of TBDI, They got me on stand by! Meanwhile they remain 100% supportive of my own pursuits! Thankyou James, Michael, John, and so many others for all the memories and fun.
Check back soon if you want to see a picure of these shoes nailed to a tree.
The Blackest Bistro.

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