Thursday, 12 December 2013

Lorenz Peter: P R O C E S S O R Tour dates 2014

Lorenz Peter: P R O C E S S O R Tour dates 2014: Processor have completed recording their full length album and are booking dates for an east coast  record release tour this spring. ...

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Top Ten records lists... 2013

Here, for no particular reason, is a series of top ten's... Enjoy!

My Top Ten Space Records:

1 Zanov - Green Ray  - France 1976
2 Angel Rada - Upadessa - Venezuela 1983
3 Tyndall - Reflexionen - Germany -1982
4 Conrad Schnitzler - End Time - Germany - 2012
5 Tom Dissevelt - Round the World with Electronic Music - Holland 1963
6 Ralph Lundsten - Shangri-la - Sweden - 1975
7 Tim Blake - Crystal Machine - France - 1978
8 Space Art - Space Art - France - 1977
9 Einzelganger - Einzelganger - Germany - 1975
10 Jean Bill Board - Galaxy Flash - Germany - 1980

 My Top Ten Cosmic Disco records:

1 Montreal Synthesizer Orchestra - Disco Melody 77/Do It Again 12" - Canada - 1977
2 Ralph Lundsten - Horrorscope - Sweden - 1979 - 2007 reissue
3 Electronic System - Disco Machine - Belgium - 1976
4 Patrick Cowley - Mind Warp - US - 1981
5 Moon Birds - Energy MC-1 - France - 1978
6 Venus Gang - Venus Gang - Canada - 1979
7 Droids - Star Peace - France - 1978
8 Androids - Disco Dream/Dream Machine 12"- Canada - 1979
9 Krono - Bare Back/Jamaica Electric 2x12" - Canada - 1979
10 Stratospheric Band - Splashdown 12" - Italy - 1979

My Top Ten Electronic & Avant Garde records:

1 Soft Verdict - For Amusement Only - Belgium - 1982
Seesselberg - Synthetik 1 - Germany - 1973
3 J.P. Decerf - MP2000 91 - Electronic Sound - France 197?
4 Pop Electronique - Cecil Leuter - France - 1969
5 Peter Baumann - Trans Harmonic Nights - Germany - 1979
6 VDB Joel - Videogames & Data Movements - Germany - 1987
7 Metal Machine Music - US - 1975 - Lou Reed
8 People the Sky - Michael Czajkowski - US - 1969
9 Priscilla & Barton McLean - Electro-Symphonic Landscapes - US - 1979
10 Tod Docstader - Quartermass - US - 1966

My Top Ten Space Rock & Prog:

1 Magical Ring - Magical Ring - France - 1977
2 Cybotron - Cybotron - Australia - 1976
3 Catfish - Transactor - Germany - 1981
4 Brothers Christ - Echoes of lost Souls - US - 1987
5  Les Rockets - Les Rockets - France - 1976
6 Fifty Foot Hose - Cauldron -  US - 1967
7 Heldon IV - France - 1976
8 Bruce Haack - Electric Lucifer - US - 1970
9 Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come - Journey - UK - 1973
10 Galactic Supermarket - Germany - 1974

My Top Ten Synth Pop

1 Chrisma - Chinese Restaurant - Belgium - 1979
2 IKO '83 - Canada - 1982
3 Bizzare Unit - A Strange Functional System - UK - 1979-80 (2012 reissue)
4 Suicide - Way of Life - US - 1988
5 Doris Norton - Personal Computer - Italy - 1984
6 Moderne - L'espionage Aimait la Musique - France - 1982
7 Section 25 - From a Hilltop 12" - UK - 1984
8 Psyche - Insomnia Theatre - Canada - 1985 (1st edition)
9 Magic Dragon - Emotional Landscape - Canada - 1981
10 Kraftwerk - Radioactivity - Germany - 1975

My top Ten Industrial & Minimal:

1 Portion Control - Simulate Sensual - UK - 1980 - 82
2 Conrad Schnitzler - Con - Germany - 1980
3 Berlin Express - The Russians Coming - Germany - 1982
3 Liaisons Dangereuses - Germany - 1981
4 Skinny Puppy - Remission - Canada - 1984
5 Severed Heads - City Slab Horror - Australia - 1985
6 Primitive Calculators - Australia - 1982
7 Sisters Of Mercy - Reptile House - UK - 1983
8 Chris & Cosey - Trance - UK - 1982
9 Martin Dupont - Just Because - France- 1984
10 Big Black - Lungs - US - 1982

My Top Twenty All Time Favorites:

1 Ruth White - Flowers of Evil - US - 1969
2 Leda - Welcome to Joyland - Germany - 1978
3 Jeff & Jane Hudson - Flesh - US - 1981-83
4 Conrad Schnitzler - Blau - Germany - 1972
5 Severed heads - Come Visit the Big Bigot - Australia - 1986
6 Mort Garson, Lucifer - Black Mass - US - 1971
7 Warning - Electric Eyes - Germany - 1982
8 Neil Young - Decade - US - 1976
9 Jennifer - Via Dolce Vita - France - 1983
10 Fun Boy Three - FB3 - UK - 1982
11 Link Wray - Link Wray - US - 1971
12 Swans - Children Of God - US - 1987
13 Lou Reed - Mistrial - US - 1986
14 Einzelganger - Einzelganger - Germany - 1975
15 Tyndall - Reflexionen - Germany 1982
16 Geraldine Cordeau - Space & time - Canada - 1984
18 Shocking Blue - US - 1969
19 Michael Garrison - Eclipse - US - 1981
20 Pogues - Rum, Sodomy & the Lash - Ireland - 1985

My Top Ten Classic Rock Songs:

1 War Pigs - Black Sabbath
2 Hold Your Head Up - Argent
3 Hot for Teacher - Van Halen
4 Baker Street - Gerry Rafferty
5 Eyes of A Stranger - Payolas
6 Learning to Fly - Tom Petty
7 Moving In Stereo - The Cars
8 Ride My See Saw - Moody Blues
9 Heart Breaker - Rolling Stones
10 Dirty Laundry - Don Henley

These lists brought to you courtesy of LP's LPs, 104 Ossington ave, Toronto, Canada. Of course I don't have many of these for sale, but some I do. This not an advertisement, but for amusement only...

Friday, 6 December 2013

LP's LPs 1 year today

 Happy anniversary to me! Yes, one year ago today I opened the door to Toronto's most different record shop. It was all put together in about a month. Starting out with several boxes of albums, I have poured everything into this project, furthering my love of music in all it's forms and non-forms. The first record sold was Cyndi Lauper's She's So Unusual. The last album sold after one year is Charlie Brown's Christmas. It's been an awesome year. I'd like to thank everyone that helped out, and all of you who came in and shopped or just to hang.

 This store will only get better, my love of music only keeps growing. I still think vinyl is the best, most enjoyable, personal, and amusing way to enjoy music. Life without records is a drab place. They've taken away our warm TVs with cats sleeping atop, they're taking our light bulbs, our paper books, our news papers, our mail boxes with letters in them, our tapes, our photographs and film, our dials, our door knobs? Cats are on leashes, taps insist on turning on with an assumed temperature, radio is on the screen, banking is on the screen, dating, talking, writing, shopping.... RIGHT. Shopping is fun, people want records. They will never take away the records. They can't fight off the vinyl lovers.

December 2012

December 2013

Somewhere between the garage and the brewery
Look for the MAPL sign

Ho x3, it's Xmess at Lp

Autograph? Triumph. Billy Joel, Dave Van Ronc, Trans X, OMD, Kebekelektrik, Space grooves, regular garage mechanic music, nice bowls, crack smoking soundtracks, pretty cups, Warren Zevon...


LP's LPs 104 Ossington ave, T'rono.

Sunday, 24 November 2013


Are we Bored with Ford already ? Come on people, it's getting too quiet. It was just getting good! Get up and  D A N C E  Folks!

Do the BLOB - you tube link to my commemorative video, folks.

Just like they do at city hall! Stuff yourself, then bob to the left, smoke some shit, then bob to the right! Folks Folks Folks Folks.... It's easy! Do The Blob! Ride the gravy sub, ride two! The crazy sub all the way to immortality with the man who won't go away. He is here to stay!

Hmmmm, Blob really has opened the flood gates for mayoral candidates.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

LP's Update Nov 19/13

New records at Lp's Lps, 104 Ossington ave, Toronto, Canada

Lot's of vintage Slayer

Throbbing Gristle


Cosmic porn disco by Gerhard Heinz. Original 70's LP on Hong Kong records.

Original 2nd pressing 1980 synth industrial LP by Nocturnal Emissions UK.

 Trance, thee definitive LP by Chris & Cosey. Original UK Rough trade 1982.

 Thee definitive premier noise album by Toronto's finest, CCMC. Their 2nd album from 1976.

 More noise with The Nihilist Spasm Band from 1979. London Ontario.

Vintage Smiths

Vintage Sonic Youth

Of Course, MAPL T-shirts! Only available here.. so far.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

P R O C E S S O R Tour dates 2014

Processor have completed recording their full length album and are booking dates for an east coast  record release tour this spring.

Watch the new Drowned Rat video

- The new LP contains:

Drowned Rat - original version
Sombre Beach - new version
Ghost factory - new version
Sleeping Driver - original version
Sex Tape - new version

- April 2014 tour dates:

Hamilton - 3rd w/ DogHat & guests @ Havn
Peterborough - 4th w/ Garbageface + more @ The Spill
Ottawa - 5th w/ Mark Molnar + Topon Das @ Pressed
Montreal - 6th w/Cell memory + Vierance @ Casa Del Popolo
Moncton - 10th w/ guests @ Caveau
Halifax - 11th w/ nobody, we'll be hangin' by the ocean
Fredericton - 13th w/ special guests @ Gallery Connexion
Quebec - 15th w/ special guests @ L'agitee w/TBA
Toronto - 19th @ Handlebar w/ Cell Memory and Memorex

Venues, guests & detail will be listed as the dates are confirmed for the tour.

P R O C E S S O R at OZ Studio, Toronto 09/11/13
w/ Castle If, Cell Memory & Scotch Mist, Video by Kate Young.

Live at The Spill in Peterborough, Ontario 20/08/13
with Commander Goznales & ELMS.
In the studio

Laying tracks

Check out Processor review and music on Weird Canada

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Magic Touch, the new LP by Les Fontaines now available!

Magic Touch is the new full length album by Toronto electronic music duo Les Fontaines. Heiki Sillaste and Lorenz Peter wrote and produced the eight instrumental songs on the record over a three year period. Recorded at a studio in the northern forests of Canada. Mixed and mastered at Wright sounds in Toronto. The album was largely influenced by being under the influence. We get a little taste of Vanity 6, cold lake water, Vana Tallinn, divorce, Salvation Army Disco records, 90 degree+ wood burning saunas, Pernod, Smoke, melting vinyl, 80's drum machines, vocoder, random street rappers, BBQ, Patrick Cowley, Quebec Disco and Psychedelic Synth-Prog.

New les Fontaines LP available at Lp's Lps 104 Ossington ave, Toronto.

Mr. Heiki Sillaste - Synthesizers & electronics, drum machines, ideas & artistic direction. Graphic arts and all production, mastering.

Mr. Lorenz peter - Synthesizers, turntables, disco enthusiasm, problems.

See & hear more Les Fontaines at Paper + Sound website.

Monday, 28 October 2013

I miss Lou Reed

I am affected deeply by Lou Reed's passing. I was showing obvious signs of distress yesterday, as people walked by my shop window, many of them stopping to look at the Lou display I assembled, many taking pictures. Some coming in to buy a record, I tried to hide my tears but could not. I spent the entire day on the internet, unable to think of anything else but how much I loved that artist and how much he meant to me over so many years. How I always loved his dry style and the path he chose in Rock; not to try and act like an 18 year old all his life, but to age gracefully, and with so much vitality and wit. We should all hope to be so with it in our seventies. Compared to other aging stars who distort their image with cosmetic surgery and sell out trying to re-create their former glories, Lou gave us realism. I have heard so many news announcers talk about the dirty/drugs/sex side of his song writing... but for me it was his stark honesty, and transcendence through humor, and the idea of his songwriting being more like a job than an entitlement. I miss you Lou, I am so glad I got to see the Ecstasy tour in 2000. I am so glad I was walking by that venue in Vancouver in 1992 when a scalper sold me his last ticket for ten dollars. 

Some of my favorite Lou songs:
Busload of Faith
Mama's Got a Lover
Video Violence
M.M.M. - all of it!
Train Coming Round the Bend
Make Up
Heard her Call My Name
Sunday Morning
Magic & Loss
Doin' the Things that We Want To
I Remember
Spit It Out
My Love is Chemical
Kill Your Sons
Lady Godiva
Looking For Love
Sword of Damocles
Turn to Me
Leave Me Alone
Baton Rouge
Love is Trust
I'm so Free
Satellite of Love
Real Good Time Together...

The list goes on and on. Each of these songs and seemingly endless more have inspired my comics through the years, I would always listen to Lou Reed as I drew. I will continue to do that always.

Fly into the Sun

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

LP's LPs update Oct 22/13

New imports from Germany. All cosmic: Michael Bundt, Gerhard Heinz, Leda, Paradise Frame... more
New used stuff, all awesome, all original... Cramps, Brian Eno, Slayer, Bathory, Possessed, Iko 83, CCMC, Nihilist Spasm Band, Glamatron, Hawkwind, Smiths, Neil Young, Portion Control...etc
A lot of metal, black metal, speed metal, Minimal, and cosmic added to the collection lately, of course the classics like Bowie, Floyd, Zep, and new indie stuff as well.
Also the new I dream of Wires collectors edition DVD is in stock, + Blue ray edition.

Leda. Peter Baumann's stellar 1978 cosmic minimal synth LP. the original is hard to get and expensive, here is the next best thing. A legitimate release by permision of the artist.

 Paradise Frame is an electronic cosmic disco project from Quebec, 1977. This new release is limited to 200 copies. Let's Go Into Space is a new comp of cosmic disco from Germany. Just in! Get it here 1st.
 The Halloween wall, had to photograph it before it makes way for the onslaught. All the classics of sci-fi, fantasy and horror.
This collection of early Portion Control contains all the primitive sounds fans of minimal listen for. Cold, dirty and growling. A must for fans of early Skinny Puppy or Caberet Voltaire.
 Here is the Beastie's first release. It's in top shape, an indie release from 1983.
Bathory is considered to be one of the first Black Metal bands. This is their 2nd release, and it's an original on Banzai records. Near mint.
Possessed!! Evil.
 More evil.

LP's LPs 104 Ossington ave. Toronto.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

LP's LPs update Sept 28/13

Things around the shop besides records...

A beautiful 70's Disco lunch box with Thermos. I can't believe it's still here, isn't it back to school time?

My wheels on wheels sculptures along side Jason Evan's colourful posters. Jason was a resident artist at the AGO in the spring. He sends me exotic record store bags from across the seas, he also left me with a stack of his beautiful posters. Visit The Daily Nice to see Jason's daily photos.

This groovy lamp lights up the passage to the basement of LP's where people have dug up their Billy Joel, Bryan Adams, Phil Collins, Sheena Easton, Ghostface Killa, Blondie, Aretha Franklin, Rush, L.E.B. Harmony, International Music System, Chrome, Visitors, Droids. I don't just have rare & obscure stuff, I was very happy to sell a Grease album today, merely hours after placing it on the shelf.

This sculpture is from 2009, it is a clay piece that was designed in much the same way that many of the Plasticine models were made for my 2006 ink series. The clay was almost dried up, I broke it into pieces glued it to a base and painted it. In the background is a flyer for the Modular Synth documentary "I Dream Of Wires". See the site here.

The doc is produced partly by local synth enthusiast Jason Amm, Also known as Solvent, and for bringing us the monthly Minimal-Cold Wave night ICE MACHINE. First Friday of every month at Embassy bar in Toronto.

Here is a new addition to the walls, this ink drawing is equally inspired by my recent X-Canada drive as it is by a more recent purchase of a Ralph Lundsten album entitled Shangri-La. Ralph Lundsten is a Swedish electronic music pioneer who lives in a castle. See it here.

 The cover art to Shangri-La is done in blue, it depicts a robot giving flowers to a beautiful naked lady in the woods by moonlight.My drawing obviously copies some of those elements, but of course I have been using many of these themes for years already. So I'll do what I want!

Here are two pics of some fantastic finger puppets by Toronto Artist Maryanna Hardy. These are hand made little works of art. Also artwork, prints and crafts by Caitlyn Murphy, Valkyrie, Fiona Smyth, Roxanne Ignatius, Fox Rushmore, Jason Evans, Robert Dayton & more are found throughout the shop.

But if we are looking  for records, there are many new additions...

Night Crawlers, The Little Black Egg, a psychedelic garage rarity form 1967. A real gem of a record on original Kapp records.

Stray, self titled release on Trans Atlantic, 1971.
An awesome bluesy psych record for fans of Blue Cheer and UK proto-metal.

Many more albums include LIQUID SKY original soundtrack 1983, Beaver & Krause' Guide to Electronic Music on Nonsuch 1968, Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band original 1967, Legendary Stardust Cowboy, Michael Lobel's Trip-Tych 1977,Canadian Electronic Ensemble 1981, Mile Davis, Husker Du, Lou Champagne System, and many more. Also available are these smart looking MAPL tote bags to carry stuff with.

LP's LPs, 104 Ossington ave, Toronto.