Friday, 29 March 2013

The Flood

Today I awoke to a flood at 6:30am. The city was called, 311, and they promptly came and did as little as possible. Then the kind and hard working superintendent came and took over, we worked all day hauling things around, trying to figure out where the water came from and why. This is during an otherwise beautiful day, and people came to check out the shop. Now we have a crew taking apart the walls, as everything that came in contact with water is contaminated, so, my rug, my mattresses, records, stereo, wood pieces,sleeping bag, art... etc.

This is the scene outside my store on holiday Friday, March 29th. The city arrived  to look at things, but not much else.

No, these are not Ossington clubbers, or people making reservations for dinner. They are not here to buy records either. These are the Doozers!

 This impressive looking truck sat outside for a while too. They looked like they could swing into action at any time, but nothing happens. The city must make sure that it is their responsibility before they act, and as of now, we don't know. People are telling me this is happening all over Toronto. Busted ceramic oldie's sewer pipes.

Disaster zone.

All of my valuable records and other items are fine, and brought upstairs, balancing on 2x4 bridges, then organized into an attractive garage sale style. I do better in the next two days than usual...!?

The clean up crew arrives, hired privately through the landlord. They had to take apart the walls and sterilize everything. Everything is covered in plastic and huge fans are brought in, along with a massive dehumidifier that has to be on for at least 4 days.

95% of my soundtracks & various comps are destroyed.

Unlucky ones.

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