Friday, 5 April 2013


Bunch of new 80's speed metal & punk just in....

Recently acquired a batch of top notch Metal Blade, Banzai, and Speed Metal. If you were a punk into hardcore in the mid 80's, this was the soundtrack!
This awesome comp features the Mentors alongside D.R.I. & Corrosion of Conformity...
Return of the Living Dead soundtrack features The Cramps & SSQ... This is when zombie movies were worth watching!
More hardcore, Canadian speed metal band Sacrifice.
This Celtic Frost record is considered one of the first of it's kind, and many that followed refer to this as one of the pioneers of today's black metal.
Is this too much Iron Maiden?

All of this stuff and 1000's more available at LP's LPs at 104 Ossington ave in downtown Toronto. I am always bringing in minimal wave, 80's pop, electronic, Kraut rock, and many collectable records every week for the vinyl enthusiasts!
A ton of mainstream stock as well, at only $5- ea! For those who just love to acquire classic stuff to add to their collections.

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