Thursday, 23 May 2013

LP's LPs update 23/05/13

New titles in stock, so much new & vintage vinyl!

New Dark Entries imports;
Smersh, Absolute Body Control, The Product, Stress, Altres, Informatics, XEX, and many more.

Also cool stuff from Vinyl on Demand! Including Ken Gen Montgomery, Mark Lane, Paul Nova, and Conrad Schnitzler.

Plenty of vintage and new Black Metal, Grindcore, Noise & everything in between.

Many vintage alternative titles to choose from, mostly in excellent/mint condition; Felt, Smiths, Siouxsie, Suicide, Sisters of Mercy bootleg, Cramps, Boards of Canada, Daft Punk, Muslim Gauze, Chrome, Throbbing Gristle... etc

Stop in at 104 Ossington ave and visit one of Toronto's most unique record shops!! Two floors of exciting records. More new titles every week.
Thousands of $5- classic rock titles too!

After a series of small floods, it seems like the problem has been resolved... only time will tell. In any case LP's thanks all the people who dropped in during those messy times and ignored the chaos to browse the shop and keep me on my toes!!

LP's LPs
104 Ossington ave
Toronto, ON.
M6J 2Z4

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