Wednesday, 17 July 2013

LP's update July 17th

Great new arrivals...

Stratis box set from V.O.D.

An awesome collection of stuff only ever released on cassette. Super spacey and minimal. From Germany.

MAYHEM Box set in mint condition, lots of death and hate and evil etc... A little coffin of morbid fun.

So many more awesome titles include : Drinking Electricity Breakout, Michael Hoenig's Departure From the Northern Wasteland, Dschinn, Tonto's Expanding Headband, Surfin' w/ Duane Eddy and the rebels, Pentagram, Heldon IV, Stooges Funhouse on Elektra, Xenakis, Gong, Aardvark... etc

White Noise, An Electric Storm, 1969 electronic prog from England. sample

 Hawkwind, In Search of Space.

Moanin' & heavy breathin' A trippy Moog album by Mort Garson. All lustful sounds and synth soloing.

Surfin' great surf guitar from 1963, original on Jamie records.
Underground comp. Belgian New Wave. Awesome collection of obscure minimal synth cassettes.

LP's LPs supports all indie bands, so drop in with your new vinyl releases & I'll place them front & center. Cassettes too. 104 Ossington, Tuesday - Sunday 12 -9pm. My summer hours may be a little unpredictable because aside from a couple helpers (see diagram below), this a one person operation.

Yes, that is a Lee Aaron picture disc on the wall.

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