Wednesday, 3 July 2013


PROCESSOR has released two brand new tapes on Toronto's Paper Plus Sound label. The two tapes will be made available anywhere that carries independent music or at any upcoming shows including this one at Supermarket July 9th 2013 & this one at The Only Cafe July 4th 2013.

Processor's first self-titled release is a limited edition cassette. Titles include: Drowned Rat, Sombre Beach, Ghost Factory, Sleeping Driver. 
This is a pre-release of the LP due in September with demo versions of some tracks.

Processor's second release, Sex Tape, is a top volume arrangement of deep noise and colour. Also released as a limited edition cassette. 

Processor creates a cyclical vortex of sound, hypnotic, relentless and chaotic. Dark driving basslines, jagged shapes, like shrapnel fly among electric swells and echoes. Many of these songs were written in the summer of 2012 and have since then exploded into the wild soundscapes they are now.

Here is a link to Paper plus Sound>>>>>>>>>

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