Friday, 30 August 2013

LP's update August 30

We can start with this... I just finished reading "The Dirt", the story of Motley Crue. A brilliant and captivating look into the LA rock scene of the 80's. So, I have been rather obsessed with this band for a bit now, My favorite being, of course, "Shout at the Devil" from 1983. Last week I unearthed an original signed copy in an unassuming stack of rock records. Now, this beautiful thing graces the walls at LP's.

 Processor plays a set at The Spill in Peterborough on Aug. 20 with local noise makers Commander Goznales & gloomy pop producer Elms. Couldn't have asked for a better place to be than The 'Bro on a Tuesday night. Check out:




Processor have completed recording and mastering a new full length LP due for release this fall on Toronto's Paper + Sound records.

A new addition to the store are these fancy totes by local artist Kaitlyn Murphy.

Also very special Glen Gould T-shirts by Toronto designer Elham Ardani are only available here. get them before the copy-cats start making them...

 LP's also finally has our own totes! A sharp looking logo on a soft cotton record size bag! Take it, go shopping now. You can't fill it with mp3's.
Here is something all record collectors know. This is the very telling little logo that appears on all Canadian records released in the 70's and 80's. I don't know if they are still using them, but look how good it looks on a tote!! it means "Music, Art, Performance, Lyrics".

Some new LPs gracing these walls lately: The Cramps, Goblin, Bruce Haack, The Birthday Party, Ataraxia by Mort Garson, Bobby & Synthia...
The downstairs has come a long way since the flooding in the spring. The walls have been re-done and new sections have been added, like chairs to sit on while your record obsessed partner digs through crates... Also, some things besides records, cool vintage finds include a Kool Aid jug and cup set, talking ET doll, cool plates and Fire King cups. Porcelain black cat miniatures made in Japan... lot's of stuff.
Mort Garson, 1975 electro - masterpiece. Dark Moog follow-up to the even darker Black mass Lucifer. Not to be confused with Bruce haack's Electric Lucifer from 1970. See below...

An original EP by Vita Noctis. Probably the best tracks on the new re-issue by Dark Entries appear here on this little minimal synth gem.

The Droids, Star Peace is one of the records that got me collecting. An absolute must have for collectors of french future pop.
Where do I find these rare records? Deep under the earth...

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