Friday, 6 September 2013

Go West Young Man

Late August is my favorite time of year. Everything has reached it's peak. Tourists are going home with new T-shirts. Labour day strikes, jets tear open the sky, then it's time to find a pumpkin. I like it for reasons that have to do with the senses, with sounds, smells, watching as the insects continue their inherent magic, and the seasons change. Here in Toronto, it's back to school, it's the yearly exhibition, and matured spiders. The colour of the sky and our atmosphere changes. The light reminds us of last year, it really is my favorite. Subtle, sweet, magical. Now it is September, I am driving out to Alberta in a rented car. Along the way I meant to collect records, but Labour day = everything closed = no records until...1000km...Regina! That's OK, alot of other things to enjoy like rotting tourist traps. Dusty old ghost towns, decayed monuments, great lighting! Yeah, and it also gets me when spell check underlines my "our's" mistaking them for "or's" which is Amerikan, not Canadian. (see colour & labour). This also happens in crosswords, which is really annoying.
Any way:

Here is a great place to stay in Wawa Ontario

A great place to eat, if you can get in. Try the Ghost Ribs! Mmmm, with phantom sauce. Good.

Yes, and driving the new Hyundai VeLOSTer. The name is precious, even when I am going nowhere, I am going there above the speed limit.

I can't find the locate button! My ringtone is making bubble sounds.

Water front gem

Water frontage! frontage. Get it while it's wet. A perfect opportunity. A brown wading pool/gift shop. This is where dreams begin, and nightmares just sit around and wait.

Here comes a nightmare now...

Sintaluta , about 1 hour east of Regina. Always wanted to visit this place, the Greyhound passed through here. "Not anymore" said the man at BOB's Antiques. Sintaluta. population 100, is being scrubbed off the map by our fast obsessed world, and the guy working at BOB's knows all about it. But you can buy liquor at the gas station, and there is a museum, see diagram to the left.

 Here is BOB's, where I spent some time, and bought a 70's DISCO lunch box. Please read more about stupendous Sintaluta here


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