Tuesday, 22 October 2013

LP's LPs update Oct 22/13

New imports from Germany. All cosmic: Michael Bundt, Gerhard Heinz, Leda, Paradise Frame... more
New used stuff, all awesome, all original... Cramps, Brian Eno, Slayer, Bathory, Possessed, Iko 83, CCMC, Nihilist Spasm Band, Glamatron, Hawkwind, Smiths, Neil Young, Portion Control...etc
A lot of metal, black metal, speed metal, Minimal, and cosmic added to the collection lately, of course the classics like Bowie, Floyd, Zep, and new indie stuff as well.
Also the new I dream of Wires collectors edition DVD is in stock, + Blue ray edition.

Leda. Peter Baumann's stellar 1978 cosmic minimal synth LP. the original is hard to get and expensive, here is the next best thing. A legitimate release by permision of the artist.

 Paradise Frame is an electronic cosmic disco project from Quebec, 1977. This new release is limited to 200 copies. Let's Go Into Space is a new comp of cosmic disco from Germany. Just in! Get it here 1st.
 The Halloween wall, had to photograph it before it makes way for the onslaught. All the classics of sci-fi, fantasy and horror.
This collection of early Portion Control contains all the primitive sounds fans of minimal listen for. Cold, dirty and growling. A must for fans of early Skinny Puppy or Caberet Voltaire.
 Here is the Beastie's first release. It's in top shape, an indie release from 1983.
Bathory is considered to be one of the first Black Metal bands. This is their 2nd release, and it's an original on Banzai records. Near mint.
Possessed!! Evil.
 More evil.

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