Sunday, 24 November 2013


Are we Bored with Ford already ? Come on people, it's getting too quiet. It was just getting good! Get up and  D A N C E  Folks!

Do the BLOB - you tube link to my commemorative video, folks.

Just like they do at city hall! Stuff yourself, then bob to the left, smoke some shit, then bob to the right! Folks Folks Folks Folks.... It's easy! Do The Blob! Ride the gravy sub, ride two! The crazy sub all the way to immortality with the man who won't go away. He is here to stay!

Hmmmm, Blob really has opened the flood gates for mayoral candidates.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

LP's Update Nov 19/13

New records at Lp's Lps, 104 Ossington ave, Toronto, Canada

Lot's of vintage Slayer

Throbbing Gristle


Cosmic porn disco by Gerhard Heinz. Original 70's LP on Hong Kong records.

Original 2nd pressing 1980 synth industrial LP by Nocturnal Emissions UK.

 Trance, thee definitive LP by Chris & Cosey. Original UK Rough trade 1982.

 Thee definitive premier noise album by Toronto's finest, CCMC. Their 2nd album from 1976.

 More noise with The Nihilist Spasm Band from 1979. London Ontario.

Vintage Smiths

Vintage Sonic Youth

Of Course, MAPL T-shirts! Only available here.. so far.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

P R O C E S S O R Tour dates 2014

Processor have completed recording their full length album and are booking dates for an east coast  record release tour this spring.

Watch the new Drowned Rat video

- The new LP contains:

Drowned Rat - original version
Sombre Beach - new version
Ghost factory - new version
Sleeping Driver - original version
Sex Tape - new version

- April 2014 tour dates:

Hamilton - 3rd w/ DogHat & guests @ Havn
Peterborough - 4th w/ Garbageface + more @ The Spill
Ottawa - 5th w/ Mark Molnar + Topon Das @ Pressed
Montreal - 6th w/Cell memory + Vierance @ Casa Del Popolo
Moncton - 10th w/ guests @ Caveau
Halifax - 11th w/ nobody, we'll be hangin' by the ocean
Fredericton - 13th w/ special guests @ Gallery Connexion
Quebec - 15th w/ special guests @ L'agitee w/TBA
Toronto - 19th @ Handlebar w/ Cell Memory and Memorex

Venues, guests & detail will be listed as the dates are confirmed for the tour.

P R O C E S S O R at OZ Studio, Toronto 09/11/13
w/ Castle If, Cell Memory & Scotch Mist, Video by Kate Young.

Live at The Spill in Peterborough, Ontario 20/08/13
with Commander Goznales & ELMS.
In the studio

Laying tracks

Check out Processor review and music on Weird Canada

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Magic Touch, the new LP by Les Fontaines now available!

Magic Touch is the new full length album by Toronto electronic music duo Les Fontaines. Heiki Sillaste and Lorenz Peter wrote and produced the eight instrumental songs on the record over a three year period. Recorded at a studio in the northern forests of Canada. Mixed and mastered at Wright sounds in Toronto. The album was largely influenced by being under the influence. We get a little taste of Vanity 6, cold lake water, Vana Tallinn, divorce, Salvation Army Disco records, 90 degree+ wood burning saunas, Pernod, Smoke, melting vinyl, 80's drum machines, vocoder, random street rappers, BBQ, Patrick Cowley, Quebec Disco and Psychedelic Synth-Prog.

New les Fontaines LP available at Lp's Lps 104 Ossington ave, Toronto.

Mr. Heiki Sillaste - Synthesizers & electronics, drum machines, ideas & artistic direction. Graphic arts and all production, mastering.

Mr. Lorenz peter - Synthesizers, turntables, disco enthusiasm, problems.

See & hear more Les Fontaines at Paper + Sound website.