Tuesday, 19 November 2013

LP's Update Nov 19/13

New records at Lp's Lps, 104 Ossington ave, Toronto, Canada

Lot's of vintage Slayer

Throbbing Gristle


Cosmic porn disco by Gerhard Heinz. Original 70's LP on Hong Kong records.

Original 2nd pressing 1980 synth industrial LP by Nocturnal Emissions UK.

 Trance, thee definitive LP by Chris & Cosey. Original UK Rough trade 1982.

 Thee definitive premier noise album by Toronto's finest, CCMC. Their 2nd album from 1976.

 More noise with The Nihilist Spasm Band from 1979. London Ontario.

Vintage Smiths

Vintage Sonic Youth

Of Course, MAPL T-shirts! Only available here.. so far.

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