Friday, 6 December 2013

LP's LPs 1 year today

 Happy anniversary to me! Yes, one year ago today I opened the door to Toronto's most different record shop. It was all put together in about a month. Starting out with several boxes of albums, I have poured everything into this project, furthering my love of music in all it's forms and non-forms. The first record sold was Cyndi Lauper's She's So Unusual. The last album sold after one year is Charlie Brown's Christmas. It's been an awesome year. I'd like to thank everyone that helped out, and all of you who came in and shopped or just to hang.

 This store will only get better, my love of music only keeps growing. I still think vinyl is the best, most enjoyable, personal, and amusing way to enjoy music. Life without records is a drab place. They've taken away our warm TVs with cats sleeping atop, they're taking our light bulbs, our paper books, our news papers, our mail boxes with letters in them, our tapes, our photographs and film, our dials, our door knobs? Cats are on leashes, taps insist on turning on with an assumed temperature, radio is on the screen, banking is on the screen, dating, talking, writing, shopping.... RIGHT. Shopping is fun, people want records. They will never take away the records. They can't fight off the vinyl lovers.

December 2012

December 2013

Somewhere between the garage and the brewery
Look for the MAPL sign

Ho x3, it's Xmess at Lp

Autograph? Triumph. Billy Joel, Dave Van Ronc, Trans X, OMD, Kebekelektrik, Space grooves, regular garage mechanic music, nice bowls, crack smoking soundtracks, pretty cups, Warren Zevon...


LP's LPs 104 Ossington ave, T'rono.

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