Thursday, 16 January 2014

LP's LPs Update Jan 16 2014

Lot's of rare & vintage psychedelic just arrived. Most albums are originals and in fine fine condition. Also plenty of Bowie, Kraftwerk, Floyd and all the good stuff for everyone.

Organ Grinders - Out of the Egg LP. Organ driven psych rock from 1970.

WARHORSE, super rare LP from 1971 on Vertigo. Heavy blues psyche.

COVEN, Witchcraft Destroys Minds & reaps Souls LP. Satanic psych rock from 1969. This one is in Near Mint condition!! Rare find.

MESSAGE, The Dawn Anew Is Comin' - Very rare Krautrock LP from 1972. Beautiful gatefold glossy cover. Original German copy.

More Krautrock from EROC, 1975 Electronic  LP. Amazing condition on original green BRAIN label.

Eyes Of Blue, In The Fields Of Ardath LP

Black Widow, Dust, King Crimson, FAT, Goblin, Secret Sides, Wizard, John Mills Cockell, SILK, Edison Electric, klaus Schulze, Syd Barrett, HP Lovecraft....
 I am expecting a lot of new stock in the next two weeks. I don't sell online, the only way is to visit the shop. Plenty of new stock, Cosmic Disco, Minimal Synth, Krautrock, 80's goth - New & vintage.

Visit Lp's Lps - 104 ossington ave. Toronto ON.
Open Tues - Sun 12 - 9pm.

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