Sunday, 16 March 2014

LP's LPs update March 16, 2014

Last week I went on a record buying trip to this frozen world wonder place, parked on the not so frozen arcade street of horrors, Clifton ave, and ran down to the sights with my Samsung DV150F. I had just enough time to point & shoot some frozen
time-scapes before the parking metre ran out. That was fun.

But then the fun stuff was unearthing the most amazing collection of  '77 - '83 punk records, new wave, minimal synth & post-punk records, 60's soul & funk records, and a nice bit of super rare early punk 45's from the place formerly known as Canada. Also some early American hardcore 7"s. About fifteen hundred 45's in total.

Here are just a few samples:

 Gene Willis & The Aggregation

Titus Turner

 Billy Mure & The Seven Karats

The Intensions

Most of these belonged to a serious collector and are in very nice condition, promos, original sleeves, first issues, many not available on the net.

Potato Salad !!

Friday, Saturday And Sunday.



Some Punk, Goth, Glam, Synth:



Turtle Dove

Glam Rarity from 1974

Rapid Dance

Ultra rare post punk from Glasgow


Fans of Felt, Josef K, Orange Juice, Smiths...

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