Saturday, 19 July 2014

LP's DJ set list and updates.

Finally after playing with Corpusse for over 15 years I acquired this precious cassette from early 90's. Containing within, the 1st Pretty Flowers release, and the dark funky "Hot Black Jazz". Anyone that has seen or heard Corpusse knows the man is capable of blowing minds and there really is no limit to his creative output. This treasure is a rare document of Canada's most worthy and unique talent. I am so super proud to have been a partner to this legend since 1997 when he asked me to perform at Club 360 on Queen.

The discography of Corpusse is quite lengthy, but remains largely untapped in the vast land of samey dude bands and alterna-rock, or even experimental/noise...etc.

 There are many obscure and impossible to find recordings out there, like the Skull Harvest LP which was released in an edition of 5. They all sold right away for 150+ each. Then there is the beautifully crafted "Honey & Locusts" from 2011. A CDr released on Hi-Hat in Toronto by Spookey Ruben. Probably my favorite of the bunch, for the outstanding production and heights of vocal terror. Maybe one day it will be on vinyl.

I am getting ready to move to 2227 Dundas W. I am right at the section where Roncesvalles meets Dundas.
I will open early in August if I can, but there is a lot of work to do. So the grand opening looks like Sept 1st. I will post if anything changes.

Plenty of work. I am keeping the patch of ancient wall paper and the cool "Electra-Furs" sign. I am happy to move to this new location. Everyone that shops here knows how difficult it has been dealing with constant floods and keeping things dry etc. This new location will help realize all of the ideas I had originally for LP's LPs...

The new place will function as a studio & gallery, as originally intended for the shop, before flooding squashed that dream. But as M says: "When the going gets tough, the tough make lemonade". I am going to make so much fucking lemonade from this experience.

The piece to the left is a small clay sculpture I made in 2009.

Here is something to write about. My grandfather Raoul on drums. I never met him. I wish I knew the name of his band and if they released a 12". They played on steam ships!

Rockin' Raoul.

In this grand tradition, I carry R's name into CORPUSSE, and more recently, PROCESSOR. We've yet to play a steam ship, but we have played in antique shops and sandwich shops. Where R's band may have celebrated tradition, Processor & Corpusse celebrate chaos and electronic spirits. The death of the ocean and mass extinction may be nothing to celebrate over, but the acquiring of a humpback whale-song cassette while touring the east led to this new recording : Sea Side by PROCESSOR. This new track will appear on the Nite Comfort compilation. This is an un-mastered raw version of the song.

Processor play Nocturne July 25, 9pm
Queen & Bathurst.

Also at Nite Comfort. Handle Bar on Augusta in Kensington Market August 3rd 10pm.

Then it's Quebec City on August 13 at Bar Coop L'Agitee.

It is a  busy time for me, but again it always is. Last night was a DJ set at Holy Oak at Bloor & Dufferin with my friend Adam of CELL MEMORY. Here is the song list from my half of the evening.

DJ LP at Holy Oak July 18/14 All-vinyl Playlist:

Anna – Movies
Club Tango – Get the Picture
Deux – Sex & Trouble
Mikado –  Romance
Ghosts of Dance – Walking Through Gardens
Magic Dragon – Egyptian Radio
Freudian Slip – Hideaway
Sun Yama – Subterranean  Homesick Blues
Venus in Furs – New Terrorists
To the Finland Station – Domino Theory
Spider King – Animals
The Beautiful Pea Green Boat – In Succession
Ralph Lundsten & The Andromeda All-Stars – Rendezvous With a Washing Machine
Wahib – Grey Blues
Tesco Bombers – Hernando’s Hideaway
Ska Na Na – Lizard
Bananarama – Cruel Dub
Innergaze – Mutual Dreaming
Naked Lunch – Slipping Again
1000 Ohm – A.G.N.E.S.
Violence – Steps
Sympathy Nervous – Plastic Love
Soft Drinks – Cinzano Wet Dreams
Interface – Electronic Dreamland
Xymox – Call it Weird
Robert Gorl – Mit Dir
JYL – Computer Love
Liazons Dangereuses – Peut Etre Pas
Frantic Elevators – Production Prevention
Jeff & Jane Hudson – Fat of the Land
High – Peter Moesser’s Music
Mekons – Snow
Third Galaxy – Moon Birds
Ghosts of Dance – Ghosts of Dance
Rapid Dance – Hidden so Well
Phillip Boa – They Say Hurray
Electronicat – Baby You
Rhythm of Life – Summertime

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