Saturday, 5 July 2014

LP's LPs Update July 2014

The new location will be at Dundas W & Roncesvalles. Last day at this location will be July 27.

In the Meantime, things continue to flow through the shop, mainly flat black things.

The new store will continue to make vintage electronic, experimental, indie, post punk... etc the main focus, but to bring in plenty of new vinyl also.

Here are some recent shots of the current location at 104 Ossington ave.

Keeping cool with Electrohome & ET


The 8-track tape player that showed up at my doorstep all forlorn. It's tape indicator lights had been dormant for so long.

Add Lou reed & Neil Young 8-Tracks.

Down time.

No more will I deal with the basement flooding.

Motley Crue wouldn't put up with it.

Everything is above ground in the future.

Just as I finished building new shelves down there, and ordered 10 boxes of new stock, the place flooded with rain. Nothing damaged, and the place remains dry after the clean-ups, but the last time was the deciding time.




Lee Aaron Project.

Before Shania Twain, Feist, or even The Canadian Romantic, we had Lee Aaron.

Picture disc is warped, but that part remains concealed behind the black cardboard. It's a picture disc, you can still look at it.

This rare glam-synth artifact.

Trek with Quintronic - Landing has just been reissued. This is the original.


Blood Ceremony.

Ronald Koal & The Trillionaires.

Severed Heads.

All these vintage early eighties Rough trade 45's need homes.

Next to Lee Aaron is more metal & punk.

Beneath the metal and punk is one of my personal faves. Cristina will make you weep and dance. A Ze records original, she gets a wee mention in the new "Rip It Up And Start Again" book on post punk by Simon Reynolds. Electro - disco -punk with searing bitter sweet lyrics. Hard to find these LPs.

Severed Heads reissues are arriving soon, but I always have copies of originals in stock, DAF is another favorite around here.

Great new stuff from Telephone Explosion, Pretty Pretty, Paper + Sound, Deth, Suction, Robot Elephant, Citytrax... alongside vintages from Mute, Factory, Fast Product, 4AD, Nettwerk ...

The Cosmic Disco section is kept fat too, thanks to some new arrivals from Germany and beyond.

Watch for details on the goodbye Oz party and grand re-opening at the new location. Looking at September 1st but doors may be open sooner.

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