Thursday, 3 July 2014

NB house house

Artist Retreat Project by Lorenz Peter

During the Processor spring tour I came across this property, a small farm house on a 2 acre piece of land on a forested road, across from a park. I decided to take a chance and buy the property. A repossessed house, the owner passed away and the bank sold it cheap. For two years the place sat gathering flies and dust. I arrived in May with little more than a swiss army knife and a shop vac. I set to work, cleaning and transforming the place, pealing away wall paper and vinyl floor, rescuing old furniture, etc. 

This old shed sits on the cusp of a small ravine that separates the backyard portion of my land into the forested area of the property.

Some cool furniture I brought in. This is the best place to sit quietly for hours and concentrate on writing & drawing. The lighting is awesome.

Here is an old cabinet I dragged up from the basement, scraped it, bleached it... etc. Now it serves as a work table/buffet table/tool holder etc.

 After stripping away the cheap vinyl floor with my red swiss army knife, I painted the wood with glossy enamels & varnish. Trim and revealed wood walls shall transform this "modernized" space back into an inspiring place.
 The plan is not to add anything more to the house but to take away all unnecessary cosmetics that steal the charm of the elegant old house.
 Sunset as seen across the schoolyard from my front door.
This bird patiently waited for my auto focus to finally focus and shoot. Right outside my back door one hot afternoon.

Here is the kitchen and stairs leading up into the four room 2nd floor.The cabinets were removed to free up space, and also provide great panels to paint on, also to later build a compost.

Upstairs is even more terrible (frosted pastel) modern wall paper, easily stripped away, revealing old wood paneling and a sign that a larger window once occupied that space.

What is this? 1930's magazines glued to the wall behind the wall behind the other wall? That's where I go next. Wherever I can I plan to expose the glorious wood hidden behind drywall, flimsy room partitions, etc.

 Here is one of the first paintings produced on the kitchen panels. I made 4 of these one morning, using enamel paint and ink on cabinet doors.
 Another one.

Followed by this frog song inspired ink on paper. During my stay here I drew another 8 pages for my next graphic novel. I plan to turn this place into a sort of retreat for artists & writers. The space is rather raw at the moment but does have hot water, electricity, heating, wood furnace, kitchenette... There are only mats to sleep on and furniture is minimal, but the option to rent is there. I want to cater to artists rather than tourists, so any interested patrons should send an artists resume and plan. I should have this place fully rent-able by next spring, but the rate will be much cheaper now. Any interested people should contact me for details and prices.
 lorenz r peter at g mail dot com .

Because i didn't intend this blog posting to act so much as an ad, but more as a "what's up with LP's" blog post, I won't include all the details and where- abouts. However, I'll say it's close to Moncton, Kouchibouguac National park, and accessible by VIA rail 3x a week.

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