Sunday, 24 August 2014

LP's LPs update August 24, 08

How do I get to the new LP's LPs? 2227 Dundas W.

On a bike:
First, bring a bag because I don't have a new one yet. If you are coming from the North East, travel along Barton, then Hallam, then Wallace all the way to the bike path, then south to the Bloor bridge, exit and make your way along Bloor to Dundas, there you are!

If you come from the South East, travel along your usual route until Brock, then take Seaforth to MacDonell, then go North all the way to the last street going West, then follow to Roncesvalles and head north 5 min.

If you come from the West... Hmmmm.

On a train:
Get off at Dundas W station, walk two minutes south along Dundas.

On foot:
Walk along any road. Follow the map on this beer can...

The new store has been open since August 6th. There is plenty of new stock and I'll be bringing it all out this week. Lot's of vintage 80's punk in stock and new reissues of classic electronic Kraut rock. Many releases and box sets from Vinyl On Demand also.

Here is what a store looks like when one finds an opportunity one cannot ignore.

Note the ancient carpet, trash and bird feathers... this place sat empty for years after being a fur shop for decades.

A mega cleaning...

 and then 6 van loads of records and fixtures etc..(detail)

 Thanks Melissa & David for ever!

 The intermediate stage...

This all happened within two months. I returned from a trip in June and built shelves and cleaned up the basement portion of the old shop on Ossington. Then I watched as it flooded nearly right away. I decided that would be the last time and began scouting for a new home for LP's LPs.

By August I had found a new place, renovated it, packed up and set up the new shop. Lots of help from great friends. I look forward to the next few years at this new location, it promises to be great!!

Still plenty of work to do, but the essentials are in place. Watch for live performances and art shows this September!

The first being from Adam Terejko of Cell Memory. Soon.

Next is to replace the old Electra Furs sign without damaging it.

Anyone who wants this sign is free to take it as long as they safely remove it themselves.

LP'sLPs is now open 7 days 12-8pm