Thursday, 19 February 2015

LP's LPs update Feb 2015

New arrivals at LP's LPs

New selections from Suction records.
Some of the best new electronic sounds following the
documentary 'I Dream of Wires'.

Celldod - Pulsdisco

Skanfrom - Postcards

Solvent - New Ways remixed

Ceramic Hello - Absence of a Canary

June - Dominion

Lowfish - Hello Tinnitus

This month has seen an avalanche of cosmic disco imports like Rockets, Magical Ring & Bernard Fevre to name a few. Mostly on 45, these beautys are collectible little doorways into the next dimension.

Cosmic prog from 1977.

Space Art

J.P. Massiera

Charlie Mike Sierra

Moon Birds

Many more...

Because the Jesus & Mary Chain are coming we are stocked on plenty of Psychocandy. The Swans are here tomorrow and you can find their latest here too.

Also in stock is the hard to find SKIN lp from 1987 and the accompanying 12" single.

Plenty of classic minimal synth and other vintage finds.

Rational Youth


Mathematiques Modernes

Tangerine Dream




Brian Eno


Plus a lot of original hard to find acid rock gems from 60's 70's.

Can't list all of them, you'll have to visit.

Worth the trip.

Some very cool reissues include this Depeche Mode early demos collection.

Liaisons Dangereuses

Fantasy in Orbit by Tom Dissevelt

Julee Cruise Floating Into the Night

Pink Floyd Meddle

Acid mothers Temple

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