Tuesday, 26 May 2015

LP's LPs update May 2015

Lots of new vintage stuff...

Lots of vintage mono Beatles & Stones

All in excellent condition

Link Wray

Silver Apples


Amon Duul II

Willie Dunn (on Summus)

Electro, Italo, minimal

Laser Laser

Quebec disco

Arthur Russell 12" originals

...rare Tarzan soundtrack

Duane Eddy

Francoise Hardy originals

Ashra Blackouts



New stuff from Telephone Explosion too!

A visit from Corpusse,

Watch for his art show here in October!

Miranda Crabtree is up next with her opening on
June 11th 7pm.

Her painting exhibit is called Waterworld and you can see some images here

facebook event

Lorenz Peter: Artist's retreat, Acadian Hideaway

Lorenz Peter: Artist's retreat, Acadian Hideaway: East coast studio and retreat available to rent on a daily/weekly or even monthly basis. Available 4 seasons. Located off a local highway 80...

Artist's retreat, Acadian Hideaway

East coast studio and retreat available to rent on a daily/weekly or even monthly basis. Available 4 seasons. Located off a local highway 80km from Moncton New Brunswick. This is a great place for a solitary retreat, a quiet place to collect your thoughts, meditate, work on art projects, read, write and relax. Alone or with a small group.

 Accessible by train, the VIA station is located 10 minutes walk away. All amenities are also less than 20 minutes walk. The house is over 100 years old and is clean, bright and cozy. There are 3 bedrooms and two common rooms, one bathroom with a tub, a kitchen with hotplate and mini fridge. There is a modern wood burning furnace and plenty of wood as well as electric heat for cold mornings. The house sits on 2 acres of forested land with a view of the village park across the road.

The fields and small running stream in the backyard are home to frogs and crickets.

An elementary school is located about 1km away and children use the park for cycling and baseball.

The house is furnished minimally, The atmosphere is rustic and simple. The walls and floors are bare and there is little to no clutter.

The tranquil environment offers peace of mind to work on projects while enjoying clean air and natural space.
There are plenty of walking trails and country roads to bike on, and two bikes available to use.

The Atlantic ocean is a 30 minute drive away, by car, and beautiful Kouchibuqak national park.

Miramichi and historic Chatham are also near by for restaurants, museums, shopping etc.

This is far from being a tourist destination, but natural beauty and local history are rich in these parts.

Bring your own sleeping bag and towel. Everything else is provided.

The water comes from a natural well and is clean & tested.

There is a bluegrass festival every autumn and an arena in town along with a Co-op grocery, farmers market, liquor store, post office, and a couple restaurants.

There are two monasteries nearby and an old church and cemetery.

Please email me for further details and prices.

Rates are very reasonable.

I may ask to see a portfolio or ask the reason for the stay.

It is designed for writers and artists but can accommodate anyone who is not expecting a touristy setting.

contact: lorenz r peter at g mail com

Saturday, 2 May 2015

LP's LPs update May 2 2015

New stuff:

Brigitte Bardot

Monty Cantsin

Iggy Pop, The Iguanas

MBV, Isn't Anything

Gong, Daevid Allen

New York Dolls



Silver Apples



New releases from Luxvid, Techniques Berlin,

Huren, Philippe Laurent...

Aside from the new stuff is the new look of the shop, new days, new ways.

Slowly the upgrades come, through careful deliberation, changes are made.

Colourful screen prints by Peter kalinyuk

Peter's work will be on display until early June

Super Wonder art gallery has opened up at Bloor & Ossington and the current show, Retro TV, runs for a few more weeks. LP Lorenz has a painting on display there right now. Corpusse is featured in the new Lovers & Fighters doc showing there this week, along with Istvan Cantor & Christian Aldo.