Saturday, 2 May 2015

LP's LPs update May 2 2015

New stuff:

Brigitte Bardot

Monty Cantsin

Iggy Pop, The Iguanas

MBV, Isn't Anything

Gong, Daevid Allen

New York Dolls



Silver Apples



New releases from Luxvid, Techniques Berlin,

Huren, Philippe Laurent...

Aside from the new stuff is the new look of the shop, new days, new ways.

Slowly the upgrades come, through careful deliberation, changes are made.

Colourful screen prints by Peter kalinyuk

Peter's work will be on display until early June

Super Wonder art gallery has opened up at Bloor & Ossington and the current show, Retro TV, runs for a few more weeks. LP Lorenz has a painting on display there right now. Corpusse is featured in the new Lovers & Fighters doc showing there this week, along with Istvan Cantor & Christian Aldo.

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