Thursday, 11 June 2015

Update June 2015 : James Last takes over LP's LPs

This is the second time that I have experienced this:

I spent all day yesterday cleaning up and sorting James Last records. I like him, I think his music is fantastic and unique. Later that night I found out he had just died this same day.

So, today is non stop James Last all day party.

The last time it was Elvis. I bought a large collection off someone, it was 90% Elvis. I sorted and polished them, put them neatly into a special box I had designed for the king, while listening to his records all day. Guess what? It was his birthday! And I didn't even know! That is special.

After James it's outer space time with a bounty of cosmic jams and electro sounds.





... many more

Starting at 7pm tonight I am DJing for Miranda Crabtree's art opening here...

LP's LPs
2227 Dundas W.

She is showing her new watercolours all month of June. The opening is tonight. Please come by for fun times.

Also, please see this cool video put together for LP's LPs by Malone Ranger Media!

Just in are the new Nite Comfort compilation tapes that feature local acts Dirty Inputs, DreamSTATE, Processor, Sarin... many more.

Other new arrivals are Stacian, Gel Set, Luxvid, Navi, Crown Larks, jay Holy, Cross & much more from Suction, Paper Plus Sound, Telephone Explosion, Reel Cod & many more.

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