Tuesday, 20 October 2015

LP's LPs update Oct 2015


LP's LPs now sells select vintage synths.

Two unique Roland synths selling for extremely good prices. Both are 80's in great working condition and perfect for recording, live, learning about... etc.

The bottom synth can operate on a split arpeggio keyboard, it also has midi and sync capabilities. AWESOME!!

Top one has gorgeous warm synth organ tones just aching to be used and modulated.

Come in and give them a try before they disappear!!

Selling synthesizers seemed like the next logical progression... but so did stocking new imports from Europe!! Also an amazing batch of vintage.

Faust Tapes

Seesselberg Synthetik 1

French Synth Lovers comp

OMD 1st original UK


Plenty of Gems

Tangerine Dream

Mother Mallard

Sisters of Mercy

Velvet Underground....Japan!

All vintage


the Cure


Cosmic Disco a la Moroder, Droids, Space, Rockets, Herman's Rocket, Leda, Einzelganger....

Lot's of specialty 45's of cosmic disco to choose from. Post punk and industrial 70's - 80's UK Rough Trade originals!

LP's LPs 2227 Dundas W. Toronto. 7days, 12 -7pm. WATCH THIS VIDEO about LP's LPs